We recommend this type of trip most of all in South Africa and Namibia. South Africa, in particular has an excellent road network that makes this type of trip much more feasible. Namibia also lends itself to this type of trip. Most of the roads are unpaved but well-travelled, making a classic tour feasible in even a sedan. If you should decide to enter the region of Koakland or other less frequented areas, then you should have a 4×4. In either case we are happy to suggest the best route based on the experience of each of our clients. Upon arrival each client will have an informative meeting with one of our assistants who will give you a detailed map with which you may compare your itinerary. After this visit, the assistant will accompany you to your rental car. For these types of travellers there is a 24 hour emergency number.

A fly and drive trip offers you the freedom to explore at your own speed, stopping over a little longer here and passing through there a little more quickly. The routes we recommend have been tested at a practical and aesthetic level, so they should not only be in good condition but offer some incredible scenery as well! We can give you some very practical driving tips and help organise your holiday so that everything runs like clockwork.

Contrary to popular belief, thousands of visitors enjoy safe and trouble-free self-drive tours in South Africa each year. In fact, driving in South Africa is easily one of the most popular ways to explore this magnificent country. Our South African car hire partners provide us with a full selection of cars for you to choose from. The country’s wide open spaces are ideal for road trips offering beaches, mountains and, of course, game parks to explore. The road network is superb and well maintained and the road signs are generally good, so it is hard to get lost! Our travel consultants can advise you on routes or help you put together a suitable travel package and self-drive safari that incorporates your interests and tastes, giving you the freedom to discover the many wonders on Southern Africa at a pace that suits you.

We can arrange everything from your rental car and/or 4×4 hire to pre-booking your accommodation and providing you with a route map and directions so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your African holiday without having to worry about logistics. All our self-drive tours and vacations are adaptable, and our experienced staff is happy to help you adapt or modify a self-drive holiday to suit your personal preferences or requirements. Itineraries can also be extended or shortened to suit your arrival and departure dates.
We accommodate travellers on a shoestring budget by offering packages with reputable cheap accommodation and a range of inexpensive car hire.
Luxury self-drive packages are readily available and are equally adaptable to suit individual tastes and preferences.

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