African safari vacations were born during the Golden Age of luxury travel and the standards of that period are very much ingrained into the travel service industry there. Africa’s finest luxury safari tours feature warm and personal service, fine wine and dining and many modern indulgences that seem impossible given the wild settings surrounding you. All your modern needs are taken care of in this rustic environment leaving you to simply soak up its natural scenic beauty and witness the cycle of life’s raw drama play out between predator and prey.

Africa visited in this manner will delight and surprise you – it’s not uncommon for the top luxury lodges to enhance your safari experience with unexpected flourishes. The creativity of African luxury tour operators is as vast as the African landscape: a scented, steaming bath awaiting you after an evening game drive, an alfresco dinner in a candlelit grove serenaded by nightjars, or a champagne breakfast served on the vast savannah plains overlooking the great herds of zebra, wildebeest and delicate antelope.

We are pride ourselves on being luxury travel specialists. Our recommendations are based on places and activities that we’ve experienced firsthand and selected for our clients, which means you can expect the same winning experience when you travel with us. We’ve put together a few tours to show you how to combine Africa’s thrilling big game action with world-class accommodation and well organised, safe and secure logistics. Feel free to contact us to personalise your trip to your interests. That’s what we’re here for! In fact, we can tailor a vacation itinerary around your specific tastes and preferred travel times, creating an African experience suited to your distinctive taste.
Africa has a long history of pampering its visitors. In fact, it is home to some of the most luxurious properties on the planet. Some have as few as three rooms per camp with private guides, chefs, butlers, masseuses and stellar wine lists.

A luxury travel experience in Africa offers:

Top-Notch Accommodation and Highly Personalised Service
Rooms may be up to 400-square-metres and the premises boast the highest staff to guest ratios in the world.
Absolute Exclusivity
The premier safari camps and lodges range from three to ten rooms maximum.
Limitless Space
Located in vast areas that catering to only a handful of clients.
Picture Book Views
The vista from your camp or lodge may be a vast floodplain dotted with elephants, the oldest sand dunes in the world or an ancient rainforest full of exotic birds and primates.
Astonishing Wildlife Experiences
There is no compromising on the quality of experience here. Most of the luxury properties are located in pristine wilderness and rich wildlife areas. In fact, t is not uncommon to meet a National Geographic vehicle while out on game drive.

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